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Welcome !

After many years of being asked if we have a website we are finally launching Re-Bottled!

Have a look around, and please tell us what you think. Everything we make is not listed yet, but the website is fully functional and any product that you see can be purchased. If you are looking for something that you can't find, send us an email by pressing the "Contact" tab. We may have it, and just haven't listed it yet. Also, visit our FACEBOOK Page and follow us... we'll keep you posted as more items are added.

Re-Bottled! is part of Brenda's fused Glass. Check out our beautiful fused glass creations at


Brenda's Fused Glass

Festival Schedule


Fall 2023​​​​​


  • Nov 1-5, 2023 - Christmas Village Festival - Birmingham, AL

  • Nov 8-19, 2023 - Southern Christmas Show - Charlotte, NC

  • Nov 24-26, 2023 - Craftsman's Christmas Classic - Greensboro, NC

  • Dec 2-3, 2023 - Market Days - Tallahassee, FL


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